With Genetic Technology

What is Pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenomics (PGX) is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. It combines pharmacology and genomics to develop effective, safe medications and doses that are tailored to a person’s unique genetic makeup.

PGX Testing Benefits

• Optimizes Drug Therapy
• Improves Medicinal Efficacy
• Reduces Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)
• Mimimizes Readmissions
• Improves Clinical Efficiency
• Maintains Census Levels

How Does Testing Work?

A sterile, buccal swab is used to gather a sample of DNA from inside the patient’s cheek, and then it’s off to the lab. It’s simple, painless, and takes seconds. Medicare, Medicaid, and many private providers cover the cost of testing.


Advances in science make it possible to better predict your medication responses and identify potential health problems before they start. At PreventgenRx, we specialize in pharmacogenetics, a type of genetic testing which can help patients avoid much of the trial and error associated with developing an effective treatment plan. This powerful, proactive information allows doctors to treat each patient as a unique person.

Personalized medicine using genetic testing can assist in quickly improving quality of life, lowering unnecessary medication costs, and reducing the risk of possible side effects. A  PreventgenRx full panel test is easy, accurate, and provides lifelong benefits to anyone beginning a new medication regimen or having difficulty with their current medications.


Genetic testing can help your physician understand which medications will be most effective for you, reducing the need for traditional trial-and-error prescribing methods.


Genetic testing can help your physician understand whether you have an elevated risk for developing certain medical conditions, and allow them to provide proactive treatment.


Genetic testing allows for personalized medicine based on your unique genetic profile. Because your genetics never change, a one-time test provides health benefits for life.


Our forensic approach to genetic testing produces an accuracy rate that far exceeds current industry standards in pharmacogenetic testing, which is essential for lifetime results.

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